IMUNELL® S 45 forte

Basic of the Agent

Synergistic mixture of different structured aldehydes


For disinfection of CIP systems, pipes, containers, tanks, drums, fillers and srew-on stoppers. IMUNELL® S 45 forte can be used for dip, stationary, spray or manual disinfection. It supresses effectively growth of slime-formers and fungi on tiles and joints.


Thanks to it's structure, IMUNELL® S 45 forte offers a broad microbicidal and sporicidal spectrum. It is suitable for the complex problems of disinfection involved in the food processing industry, in breweries, dairies and soft drinks plants. The working solution is easily flushed out. Residues can be detected fast and easily using our reagents.

Recommended Concentration       0.1 - 0.2 %

IMUNELL® V 80 forte

Basis of Agent

Aldehydes, alcohol and tensides


Thanks to it composition and neutral pH value, IMUNELL® V 80 forte constitutes the cold disinfectant of choice. Especially mould fungi, yeasts and slime-formers will be quickly destroyed. Suitable for machinery, conveyor belts, fittings and for room disinfection.  


IMUNELL® V 80 forte offers a broad microbicidal and sporicidal spectrum. Its high degree of fungicidal efficacy should be given particular emphasis. Gram-positive, Gram-negative organisms causing decay and resistant yeasts are relaibly destroyed in the shortest possible time. The inhibition of this destruction brought about by standard protein load is not significant.

Recommended concentration             0.2 %

IMUNELL® Aldecid LW Plus

Basis of Agent

Sulphuric acid, aldehyde mixture with corrosion inhibitors, complexing agents and surfactants.


CIP-systems, pipes, containers and tanks


Thanks to its structure, IMUNELL® Aldecid LW Plus offers a broad microbicidal and sporicidal spectrum. As a result of its application properties, it is particularly suitable for the complex problems of disinfection involved in the food processing industry, in breweries and soft drinks plants.

Recommended concentration               0.3 %


Basis of the Agent

Synergistic mixture of aldehydes


For CIP systems, separators, pipes, containers, tanks, desinfection of bottling machinery and empty bottles (glass and PET), bottle and tin rinses, as a disinfection additive to diluted cleaning acids. Suitable for disinfecting all equipment in the wine cellar, from wodden (barrique) and plastic barrel to bottling machinery.


IMUNELL® U 15 has a broad microbicidal spectrum due to its chemical formula. This non-foaming product is particularly suitable for all circulation pump methods. An application of particular note is rinsing. To rins out empty bottles that have been cleaned, a concentration of just 0.05 % is sufficient. The application solution is non-toxic and easily rinsable.

Recommended concentration            0.2  -  0.3 %     10 minutes


Basis of the Agent

Surfactant-free aldehyde mixture with corrosion inhibitors and hardness stabiliziers


IMUNELL® PSP is the ideal non-foaming disinfectant additive for cooling water and icewater.


IMUNELL® PSP is particularly effective against all types of aerobes, anaerobes and sulphate-reducing bacteria. Odours and slime are avoided, any existing biofilm will be eliminated end renewed contamination effectively prevented. The hardness stabilizers prevent deposits reliably, so pipelines remain free of encrustations

Recommended concentration                 0.15 - 0.2 %


Basis of the Agent

Amines and tensides


Disinfection additive for hot caustic soda up to 200°F (90°C) to improve cleaning performance. Activation of lyes in bottle-washing machines.


Biodegradable disinfectant without phosphates or complexing agents with broad microbicide spectrum covering Gram-postive bacteria and yeasts as well as gram-negative bacteria. Extremely small activation impairment through protein or dirt contamination.

Recommended concentration                0.05 %

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.



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